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    Polo Bingo Review - Is this A Scam/Site to Avoid

    Polo Bingo Review - Is this A Scam/Site to Avoid

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    It does not matter if it takes him two days, two weeks or two months, or even longer, eventually he will ask for an Itunes gift card, money for repairs, money to feed his workers as the supply company will no longer deliver food and water because he did not pay the bill.

    Or, he has a package of gold and jewelry to send you but YOU have to pay the funds to get it delivered. Or, he has a sick child.

    Or he dropped his wallet over the side and it is in the ocean and there went all his credit cards. It goes on and on but it is all the same.

    Don't be surprised if he is actually the original guy that you gave money to. They show up periodically with different identities and names.

    Don't be a fool again. None of them are real except in our minds. And they LOVE to sext and have phone sex. Maybe that is the attraction for some women, but, I will guarantee you he is Nigerian.

    If not, then Ghana. And if he is real, please let us all know. Learn your lesson and start blocking them. If women would stop talking with them eventually they will stop trying and getting millions of dollars from vulnerable women.

    Sorry if I sound harsh but they are disgusting poor excuses for men and I use the term men very loosely.

    Not out of one dime and not out of more than two weeks. But I know three women that were. Oct 21, Rating Re: Oct 21, Rating Oil Rig Scams by: Anonymous Says his name is Matthew Scott and is from the Netherlands.

    Smooth talker, uses Instagram and hangouts. Does not ask for money right away. I spoke with him on the phone via hangouts and he sounded very African.

    Called him on it but of course he denied it all. Then I saw his picture on Instagram, under another profile. Also must have been reported by someone else because profile is gone.

    Oh and he said he was with Atwood Oceanics, a company that does not exist anymore lol. Anonymous I posted about a man who called himself John Sonderman.

    He scammed me out of over 20, I don't know if he is still around scamming innocent people or not but be careful, he's good at his job and knows exactly what to say.

    He claims to be from Santa Rosa, CA. I can only pray that one day he will answer for all the lies and hurt he has caused. I now know he was a liar and fraud who played on my feelings but he would never get another chance.

    I hope he gets caught and he will sooner or later. Ladies please be careful. He also goes by Fred Anthony and Charles Doherty. Oct 20, Rating Real or Fake by: Anonymous Now I'm questioning this and I've written on here many times because I've been attempted to be scammed 13 times.

    They did succeed the very first time because I had no idea what a scammer was. It's been 3 years and I'm still paying back the debt.

    I still hurt over this but I'm so cold I wonder sometimes where my heart went. Now I'm talking to someone who said he's on an oil rig but hasn't asked me for money.

    He sounds true but I can't find any of his photos anywhere so far. He has two dogs, older daughter lives with her husband and Sweden in fact he said he is Swedish so when he calls me tonight I hope to God he doesn't sound like he is Nigerian because I know what they sound like.

    Oct 19, Rating A new way to take money from you part 3 by: I'm glad it didn't last long for me and I didn't lose anything.

    I feel sorry for the ones suffering from a loss of money and feelings. But i have a warning for the ones who are about to fall. In my case the guy made the bank slip which looks real but when he sent the website of the bank, even if it is a decent one, don't focus on only the login at the bottom!!

    Because that's the only thing that works! Because later I tried to click on the other links at the bottom but nothing happened!!

    Also when the guy sent me the email of the customer service be careful because it is finished by fastservice. This is crazy and stupid! But the good thing is the real people are a loving family and a very well educated guy so I'm happy to see that.

    I am planning to contact and warn him about it. It serves as a happy ending for the whole thing. So Ladies always believe that you are more smarter than you think if you keep your eyes open!

    Oct 19, Rating Oil rig scammer, Bryan Peyton by: Anonymous I was on hangouts with this nice looking, rig engineer from NC, widowed, 2 young teenage children, met him on WWF and convinced me to sign up on hangouts, claimed to be so lonely and was drawn to my photo of WWF and professed love in the first week.

    He was a lovely sweet talker and can really rope a girl in, thankfully I'm older, wiser and gratefully still sharp enough to be sceptical as he was soon to retire after the last contract was finished and wanted to meet me.

    I never ever planned to meet him and didn't. Next thing he tells me his machine broke down and he needed a large amount of cash to fix and how this big contract was his retirement money asked me for 10,, but got a big no from me, all the while pleading his case, so I called him on it, the gig was up, we had a argument and we stopped texting, I never gave him my name or phone number no personal info.

    A week later we started talking, then he tells me his teenage daughter was sick and he needed money to care for her, but again I didn't buy into it, but still kept texting and a few days later he wants his retirement money sent to me in cash supposedly directly from the company holding his contract, and it was a huge sum.

    Gives me the secretary's email, she tells me to give her my name address and phone number and the package would be mailed to me.

    A tremendous amount of cash. I was going along to see where this was heading and it was time to end it and I did, and I told him it was over, and he told me I wouldn't hear from him ever again, and I said I could live without him, so I blocked him from both WWF and Hangouts, and sounds like some illegal stuff in that game, so I feel sorry if he got to others who fell for It.

    Can't imagine how bad this could have been. Oct 19, Rating To the lady in the last post. Ashamed and Humiliated To the lady in the last post. I wish there was a way to find these scum bags.

    I would like to hear your story and any others who have been scammed. Everyday is a struggle for me.

    Oct 19, Rating A new way to get moeny from you part 2 by: Anonymous Then the show begins! After I log in there I found the money of his contract was right there.

    It even says it is from kuwait national petroleum! And there is also a profile of the account holder! Exactly the picture of Henry! Then I showed him the screenshot and he is so happy then sent me an account of an American company so I can do the transfer for him.

    I put everything I'm asked to and do the transfer, then I come to a websit that I need a code. I asked him he checked the email and told me, processing going on so again another website to ask for a tax authorization code!

    I asked him but he said he didn't see that coming! I'm so curious that I played along with it. I asked how to pay then the reply that I need to tell my location so they can give the tax agent detail for me to pay!

    So I put china, and they reply that they don't have a agent in china now but they gave me a Private Chinese bank accoun!!

    I laughed so hard! This is ridiculous and is a insult to my intelligence if I believe in it! I told the guy that it is impossible for me to do that and I even told him that there are many things you need to improve lol.

    Then I told him that the conversation is over and you didn't hurt me too much because it is only one week of talking and you need more patience lol but I hope you can realize how harmful this can be for the women who fall for this!

    Oct 19, Rating A new way to ask for money! Anonymous Hi ladies I'm so thankful to get into this website as it helps me how terrible that guy is!

    I'm Chinese and speaking good English. I think these guys started to get into china now. He has very good looking pictures but is more like Asian.

    His name is Henry Jian! His mom is a Chinese and died when he was 2 years old and his dad is originally from Kosovo but living in US, died two months ago.

    He was brought up by his grandma in Kosovo but went to US when he turned 12! He is working on the oil rig in kuwait! I will skip the sweet part it makes me feel gross now though it just last for 2 weeks!

    Just one day he suddenly told me that one machine broke down and he is stressed and then he showed me the bank slip that he received for the first installment payment from kuwait national petroleum, and it has very details info on it with signature and watermark it looks so real.

    But he didn't mention anything just want to share the success with you. But actually I already feel something wrong.

    The next day he said he needed my help. He needed to log into the bank account for him to send money to a supplier so he can'buy the machine to finish up his work.

    I refused at the beginning. But he said he trusted me ok so still no harm for my money so I carry on. I open the website he sent and there and it is a pretty decent bank website and is callled kruzk bank, an offshore bank in UK.

    Oct 17, Rating Karl Henderson by: Anonymous I was scammed for 40, dollars from a man who's name is Karl Henderson. He found me on twitter and started by asking me if i could transfer money from his account to pay for materials that he needed because the internet service was bad so he sent me an invoice to a metal company in Indonesia and gave me his bank info and I transferred 1,, I said no but he convinced me to lend him the money but I could only give him 20, It was all a lie so he asked whatever I could lend to him he would buy bitcoins to make I hired a private investigator and they did an image search and his picture was on 3 different LinkedIn profiles and told me I was being scammed and then another woman called me and stated she gave Oct 17, Rating Called my scammer out by: Anonymous I met my scammer on aol, and he sent a friend request and was the normal story of wife cheated on him with best friend and now divorced, and has a daughter.

    He said he was raised in Brazil and was on a rig ofshore from California. He called from a California number, has a deep voice with accent but was well spoken in English.

    So after he wooed me for a couple weeks I searched the web and found this website and realize I was being sat by a scammer. I had searched the aol account he used and saw people that liked his postings and pictures were from Nigeria, so I called him out on it.

    Sent an email stating I knew he was a scammer and from Nigeria. I said my husband died a year ago and I was just looking for a friend.

    I said you broke my heart with lies and false promises. I Told him to never contact me again because he was a liar and fake. Well I got a message admitting everything and he wanted to video chat and there he was a 28 yr old Nigerian man.

    He never asked for money and no longer has the fake aol account but who knows how long that will be gone. Oct 16, Rating Oil Engineer scammer by: I had both but I wouldn't give it to him and told him I saw 3 different guys with the same name and I told him I think he is a scam.

    He messaged me a couple times but I never responded and we are no longer connected on gscrnook.

    Oct 15, Rating Lucas Enzo by: I live in Ocala. I would love to see the pictures of this guy. If you want to share them my email address is: Oct 15, Rating Pics by: Anonymous Where do you see and post pictures at?

    Oct 15, Rating Underwater welding picture by: Anonymous I see so many comments about that picture of underwater welding. I questioned that because I received that too some time ago.

    Could someone post it or email it to me? I can give the editor my email as I Do not want to do it here in the public eye.

    His wife died and he has a daughter who is staying with his mom in London. He is from Ocala, Fl if you knew this place you would laugh and he is currently on an oil rig in Turkey.

    He has sent pics of "him" with other people, "his mom", his "daughter", etc. I was googling oil rigs in Turkey when I came across this website and laughed at how similar everything was.

    My heart goes out to all who have been a victim. Oct 14, Rating Glenn Goddard by: Cj Anyone run across this guy?

    Says he is a commander of a military base in Syria. Oct 14, Rating Scammers by: Anonymous Well I am Yep they madly love you in a short time.

    I told the second one there are clues that they are not who they say they are. I would not give up what the clues were. Oct 14, Rating Leo David by: Anonymous This one contacted me thru a friend.

    On an Oil rig in Scotland. He follows the scenario of these others. All is well and good till he needs to finish a contract by end of the week but he did not have the original contract, only a photo copy.

    Needs money to get the original Scottish stamp. You tell him you have no money and then the pressure is on. I told him my daughter was a para legal who was familiar with inter-national contracts and did that ever shut him up.

    So I will continue to be a no good and caring battle ax who will not help him out to save his daughter who is in boarding school.

    I wish I knew how to track his IP address. Oct 10, Rating Adrain Williams sic by: Ginge Oooh yes, this guy contacted me out of the blue.

    Claimed to be from Alabama, no Can't send any photos, that's not allowed. I called him out on his copious bs, taunted and trolled and now he's blocked me.

    Scam artist who can't even admit it. Ip traced as Take care with this one. Oct 08, Rating Andre Willians by: CJ Save yourself some time and block him.

    I guarantee you he is Nigerian. Oct 08, Rating Andre Williams by: Anonymous Andre Williams I believe to be a scammer. We met on Words With Friends, and then went to hangout.

    He is a petroleum engineer, but has not asked for money yet. I cant google anything about him. I told him I wanted a pic with time and date to prove who he says who he is in the pic.

    Have yet to receive. Will be blocked if I don't get today. Oct 07, Rating Correction by: Anonymous Third name in my list below is Marcel Giovanni Morgan.

    Autocorrect messed it up. Oct 07, Rating Underwater Welding by: Anonymous I did post pictures I got from my scammer of underwater welding.

    I have many more of him. Smooth talker called me his wife in like two days. The picture of him standing in the mall there is another one of another guy with the exact same picture, same coat and everything, then one with him sitting in an office same with another guy.

    Exactly the same office. Anonymous Scammer claiming to be a geologist on an oil rig. Look up the names on Facebook to see photos. Claims to be from the Netherlands, but sounds nothing like Dutch speaking people I have met.

    I don't think he's very experienced at scamming, otherwise he wouldn't have fake profiles using the same photos with different names linked to the same email address.

    I wasn't scammed out of any money or iTunes cards. I knew something wasn't quite right about him, but I played along with the texts, emails and phone calls until I had proof that he was attempting to scam me.

    Oct 07, Rating Jeffery Weeks by: Oct 07, Rating Jeffery Weeks Scammer by: Anonymous Jeffery Weeks is a scammer.

    If he contacts you RUN in the opposite direction. He wants itune or Amazon gift cards. He will eventually use the package scam where he needs you to contact the shipping company and or course pay for the shipment then it will be delivered to you on his behalf.

    He claims to be from Florida then travels to Dubai for work on an oil rig. Says he is widowed and his wife and child died at childbirth.

    Handsome pics and a nice voice. But don't be fooled, he is a scammer! He will claim up and down that he is not.

    No online footprint and his telephone does not register with Verizon, who he claims to be his service provider. His number is Oct 07, Rating To.

    Oct 06, Rating Underwater pictures, Phillip Newman by: Anonymous Okay ladies, I just wrote a couple of days ago about receiving underwater pictures, after talking with this person a week, he wanted to do sexting, but I refused.

    He loved me right away, met him on words. Has a 11 year old daughter, had a birthday last week. I deleted him real quickly.

    The picture is of a handsome man with salt and pepper hair in a grey fleece jacket. Talked to him on the phone Friday, broken English.

    His name is Phillip Newman. Look at other comments with the same MO and with the name Philip, different last name. Oct 06, Rating Under water Welding by: Anonymous I saw this picture also.

    He played music off utube, but then I always didn't understand why he had time to chat if he was the boss.

    I also could not see his face just the back of a person welding. Ladies, they use the same MO all the time. Scammers they are, in fact, American men are so stuck on themselves and want a 60 year old in a 30 yr old body.

    No wonder we jumped at the scammers attention in the beginning. I am a very attractive woman of 64 as of today. They grabbed at my pic and off we went.

    Whenever they take me to hang outs without me saying so, I delete them. I am off all online dating now.

    I am sorry if I hurt any men, I know not all men are the same, I just haven't had any good luck with them. Oct 06, Rating Still confused by: Helen For the life of me I do not understand why women fall for this.

    I have had so many try with me. Like you said if they worked on an Oil rig and something needed fixing, they do not need to fix whatever is broken.

    I get so many messages from scammers. I tell them I know what they are trying to do and they leave me alone. You need to take a stand. Oct 05, Rating Frank Antonion Morrison by: Anonymous Met on way.

    Then moved to hangouts and texting. Whirlwind relationship madly in love with me. Then needed money to fix his machines so he could finish the contract.

    Oil rig on the Gulf in the high seas. One son named David. His wife left him for his best friend. Has even called me. Uses a picture of a man Loren U.

    Standing on ship, sitting with 2 dogs and gaming picture is gray hair and a red shirt. Claims he is from Granada Spain. Oct 04, Rating Underwater welding picture by: Creature Hater He is a scammer.

    Please note all the red flags. Oct 04, Rating Rig contractor scammer by: Anonymous Anyone heard the name Howad Cole? Claims he is a widow with young girl.

    He on a rig and when he went to leave he was arrested and in a Mexican jail for not paying taxes. Have pictures not sure how to add.

    Oct 04, Rating Lucas by: CJ To the lady that commented about a Lucas. Anonymous I have been contacted by a Philip Newman, and he has sent me pictures of underwater welding.

    Wife died of cancer. Talked to him only a week, he loves me and wants Elton to spend the rest of his life with me.

    I am his honeybee and his wife. Anonymous "My guy" seems to be fitting a lot of this! Lucas David email listed as Lucas65David gmail.

    Says his father is from MI, but his mother was Brazilian. They moved to MI when his father retired in the mids. Widowed when wife died 5 years ago.

    One son died in a car accident recently. Madly in love with me after just one month of chatting through Words With Friends.

    I have avoided giving him my cell phone number. No online presence that I can find. Oct 03, Rating Underwater welder by: CJ I also received an underwater photo.

    Scenario is the same but a different name. My scammer claimed to be on a rig in Greece. Oct 02, Rating Ralph Overton Coleman- but not really him by: Anonymous He used the name Ralph Overton Coleman, and that innocent man's children and grandchild's name, and the city, etc.

    Turns out he is not that man. Who knows whose photos were used. After a few days of the same scenario as so many, he asked for a Game card from Walmart.

    It started with Words with Friends. Widower, one child, oil rig engineer, etc etc. From Netherlands, but raised in Texas. Oct 02, Rating Itunes card scammer by: Anonymous Harvey friended me on Facebook and loved me in one day.

    He also wanted lots of photos so I said no, and that he is a scammer and to not contact me again. I have his first name of Harvey and he said his home is in Cleveland, Oho.

    I also have his phone number and I am reporting him to the FTC. Oct 02, Rating Underwater welding picture by: Anonymous I saw it many times of women being scammed and I got underwater welding picture from the scammer.

    Is it the same scammer or group using the same picture? I find it rather interesting. Would love to see that picture if I got the same one.

    I deleted it since I got scammed three years ago and did not see the right reason to keep it. I was told that he was fixing broken pipes not welding.

    Oct 02, Rating Scammer by: I think he is one of them as its the same story. Oct 01, Rating Need info by: Anonymous Has anyone been contacted by any scammer from the " Minstry of Works Malaysia?

    Just a bunch of BS!!! Oct 01, Rating Andy Byan by: Anonymous This man sounds exacly like my scammer but is using a different name. All this is nothing but a scam if it is the same one who scammed me and he had me buy a phone for his daughter and I got that back because it was a Nigerian scam.

    All this man wants is money and anyways he does not want anything else. So if he is not contacting you anymore be glad.

    Oct 01, Rating Andrew morrison by: Anonymous Does anyone know this one? Sep 30, Rating Posting their stories on FB by: Anonymous You can do that.

    Just copy and paste them just like you are sharing a picture and put it public. I did that a few times and that is how I knew my scammer had many other's he was getting money from.

    Now my scammer who got ahold of me said he is at Hill Island offshore in the arctic Archipelago Territory of Nunavut Providence of Ontario.

    And his Job being in the Gulf for BP did not pay him for over two years being there as the other in Norway did not pay him either because he left both jobs early.

    So he needed iTunes cards and wanted money again. I said Absolutely No Way and he will not get another penny from me.

    One thing was he did not work for BP in the Gulf of Mexico. I have pictures of him and ones of underwater welding on pipes that got a leak and oil was going all over.

    So Be care Ladies, as they are scum and low-life. Oil Riggers even if they are the contractor does not have time for any women outside their wife and Children as I was told from BP.

    Sep 30, Rating RE: This should be a HUGE red flag for everyone. I work in the same oil and gas industry these scammers are referencing and I can assure you that the contractors engineer or otherwise do not need to buy their own equipment or gear for the job.

    If they claim there is an offshore accident, trust me, it would be all over the news for you to verify. Not sure why these ridiculous scenarios tug at anyone's heartstrings, much less their purse strings.

    They will ask you questions like are you married, etc. They are practised in their scam so use caution. I wish there was a way to share these stories on Facebook as Words with friends uses FB too!

    Sep 29, Rating Beware by: Anonymous Does anyone have pics of this scammer on a gulf rig? I believe he's using Words With Friends to meet females and chat them up, then switches to hangout to communicate.

    Sep 29, Rating Mark Owen Antonio by: Anonymous Says he works on an Oil Rig in Brisbane Australia, has two children, a boy Sam who is 14 and a girl Alondra 16, and says they live with a Nanny at his home in Los Angeles and his wife died in wreck 5 years ago.

    Contacted me thru FB and then insisted on talking through Hangouts. Claims to be Italian. Very nice, very good looking 56 year old man.

    Sent pics of him and his kids. Same as others have said and can only chat on hangouts because on the rig they cannot use cell phones.

    Claimed to be building some kind of drill. After about 8 days of talking of course he is very smitten with me and I'm the first woman he's had contact with since his wife passed.

    To honor her he hasn't had any contact with women for the last 5 years and so on. He started out one day asking if I could help him get an ITunes card because he couldn't get one there for USA and wanted me to buy one and take a picture of it and send it to him thru our chat and that he needed it to update the app for Hangouts because he didn't want to loose contact with me because of the app messing up.

    Of course he wanted me to send him I played him along and said let me see what I can do, I never sent a card. He continued to talk about when he gets home about the gifts he was sending me and etc etc etc.

    Then yesterday he told me he needed another favor, that the drill was messed up and it had to be rebuilt that the engineers told him it would be He only had enough left on him for his plane ticket home in a couple of weeks.

    He even said he'd send extra to help me pay off some of my bills. After I gave him some reasons why I didn't think I could let him send it to me he agreed we'd sleep on it and talk about it later but he really needed me to help him.

    Well needless to say he has now blocked me on hangouts, no surprise there and his FB profile had disappeared after we started talking on Hangouts when I questioned that because I never accepted the friend request and he made some excuse as to he didn't want to talk to anyone else on FB only me so he deactivated the account.

    I did go back on just now and check and the profile was back on it and I reported it to be fake. Very charming and knows all the right things to say.

    I would never send anyone I only knew just days money probably not months but I can see how easily someone could fall for it. Sep 28, Rating Greg Anderson by: Anonymous To the person asking how he could clean out a bank account I would say she gave him her banking info.

    My scammer wanted my banking info but I never gave it to him. Now if she would of gave him her info and then went in and changed her passwords and user ID he would not of been able to get in.

    Sep 28, Rating John German by: Anonymous This person claims to be an oil rigger deep in the Gulf of Mexico. Started with wanting in amazon cards so he could call me!

    After a huge fight he had the nerve to ask me for 15, to buy electric jackets and vests for his crew! Ladies these men are ruthless.

    Talk all nice to you till you call them out and then they get nasty and fouled mouthed. Beware they will suck you dry.

    Sep 28, Rating Scammers by: Anonymous I have reported mine to the FBI as many of you have suggested. As I am in the UK I looked for similar sites as this but did not find any, but did notice an article in the news about these scammers.

    So lets report the rotten buggers, and help one another!! Sep 27, Rating Jude Nicolas by: Anonymous Contacted through Facebook, claimed he is a marine engineer, and I googled him, but no trace online.

    Sep 26, Rating Beware!!! Anonymous Like so many stories on this website, I was approached on Facebook, told I was beautiful, I was the woman of his dreams, and we could build a life together.

    He had a 16 year old daughter in a private school in Miami. He was an engineer on an oil rig on Houston. Very charming, wanting to move to my state, have a big house where we can entertain family and friends.

    Called every morning and every night. Once I connected with him he took down his Facebook page and wanted to communicate only on Hangout.

    He said his name was Anthony Shaw aka Jimmy Sides. Born in Houston, raised in Paris, France and back to Houston when his parents died.

    Ladies, just be aware of this scam. Zachary also has a FB page with same guys photos. Contacted me on Instagram. He would be done with his contract and be back in the states the first week of October.

    Sent me a letter this am that was sent to him that they were in bankruptcy. Had me try to transfer all monies to his Canadian account and it said it was needed for a tax code.

    Sep 25, Rating Richard Hunter by: Anonymous He is back and he is a smooth liar. I told him here in Sweden we don't buy iTunes in stores anymore but he didn't trust it when I said that.

    I blocked him and he can be outhere on the ocean Sep 24, Rating Further info Michael Adams by: Anonymous This is the pic he send me.

    Sep 23, Rating Greg Anderson by: Anonymous How did Greg Anderson clean out someone's bank account? Was the account info given to him.

    Anonymous He cleaned out my account. Wish I was aware of what was happening. He sweet talked me and in a short time I had no savings.

    It seems like a bad dream. I am sick every day. He not only took my savings he took my mental and physical health.

    Don't think I will ever get over it. He definitely goes after unexpecting seniors. I curse him every day. I hope they get him! Sep 23, Rating David Collins by: Hard to do, I know.

    David Collins, 55, living in Pasco Washington. Widowed with 1 daughter, 19 living in Boston going to school.

    David said he is from Oslow Norway originally. We spoke online and on the phone for about a month. Things that were strange.

    He had been living in the US for 30 years but still had a heavy accent. All of his photos were model like, kind of.

    I asked that he flash me the peace sign in a photo and he was unable to do that. He sent me a video of his daughter and himself cooking tacos yet when the video was on his face and he was talking his voice was deleted.

    All engineers, in whatever discipline, are licensed by the state where they live in the US. I was unable to find a David Collins in Washington or in Mass.

    Absolutely no online presence of either he or his daughter. If you are living in the US and are over the age of 18 then there is some sort of information online about you.

    A 55 year old man would have a footprint. He wanted to be the one that called. He did not like it when I called him.

    Started asking for money when he was on an oil rig in the gulf coast because he left his wallet at home. Wanted me to get a Walmart gift card and give him the number so he could update his computer.

    OK - I know, it took me 30 days to get to the point where I started listening to my intuition. I never sent him any money and funny, that was the last I heard of him.

    I had also asked him to prove to me he is who he says he is I hope this helps anyone out there who is honestly looking for love in their life. Keep up the search just do it with eyes that are a little more wide open.

    Anonymous Same scam as everyone else, works on ship in Gulf of Mexico, is widowed and had 2 children killed but had one daughter who goes to boarding school.

    He started chatting immediately, wanted my number, calls me dear. Says he is so comfortable talking to me and how he is feeling things he never has before since his wife died.

    Has been working around the clock but texts me when he needs a rest. Today he gave me the oh my room was broken into and all documents taken along with his wallet and credit cards.

    Sep 23, Rating Douglas Daniel by: CJ Watch out for this scammer as he is relentless and will sweet talk your face off.

    He started on WWF and moved to hangouts. After ending it with him he contacts me again. Strung him along until he asked again for itune cards. My guess is he's Nigerian.

    Blocked him on hangoutsand and removed the app. Time to get on with my life. CJ Well this scammer got back in touch and what a relentless bugger.

    In less than 24 hrs he was asking for 2 itune cards. I went along with it then made a card size sign that says Don't think so scammer.

    Blocked him on hang outs and uninstalled the app. Done with all of this nonsense. Sep 22, Rating My grandma was scammed by: Anonymous If she is sending money sent to her to this man, she is in danger of being arrested for being what is known as a mule.

    Please tell her if she is reported by a person she got funds from for the man she is in grave danger of spending her time in jail.

    I too lost all of my savings to a scammer and I would not listen to anyone telling me he was a scammer.

    Now I am broke and barely making it each month. Then he wanted me to send other womens funds to him. When that didn't work he asked for my credit card numbers even though it was maxed out.

    He was going to pay it off for me. Another scam which I refused. Then he wanted to send me funds to pay off his debt to me but he needed my bank account number.

    Sorry but I refused. He still contacts me asking for itunes cards but I have nothing to loan him. I am done having him fool me by all of his lies and will not be sucked in by him.

    I was in contact with him for 5 almost 6 years. I no longer contact him and will never send anyone money again that I have not met and know personally.

    I know he has wedding plans for her. Mine even had me looking for houses but he kept saying he was going to be with me in weeks, which turned into months, more money and he never showed up for Christmases while he contacted other women.

    Her man is doing the same to her. I was looking for my funds to be returned with interest. Sep 22, Rating Greg Anderson by: CJ Just played with hon WWF and he has started chatting and said he is a petroleum engineer retiring at the end of year.

    Glad I saw his name on here and plan to string him along for a little while. So sick of these scamming losers. Anonymous My grandma was scammed of her whole life savings.

    And this guy named Aaron Johnson who says hes widowed, has 2 girls who live with a nanny, and he says he is on an oil rig on the coast of California.

    He sends my grandma money that comes from other woman and he wants her to send to another woman to be sent to him, its all a big circle and this guy is probably all the same guy.

    A Google hangouts, and google phone number. I have talked to him personally on the phone and he is clearly not from the states.

    Its all a big scam and my grandma is finally listening to me as I am reading all of these stories. Im glad I can finally show her she is not the only one thats gone through this horror of these I dont even wanna call them men.

    I hope someone reads my story. I'm onto these people and Im not giving up until they are done. Im guessing theyre in with isis so Be careful ladies.

    Anonymous In a cargo ship headed to Australia goes by the name Harry Hamltion. Divorced now and kids only child know relatives.

    Sep 21, Rating Oil rig scammer. Karen Says he is a contractor on an oil rig. Asks you to talk through email. Then immediately wants to talk on Hangouts.

    Talked for about 5 weeks. He sweet talks the whole time, says he is in love with you. Says he has a 17 yr old son who is staying with his Auntie.

    He started asking for iTunes cards. Nothing but a scammer. My daughter bought into this love scam and sent him more than 50K believing his lies.

    I am trying to find out if anyone else out there has had a contact by a man using this name? Sep 20, Rating Justin Bruce by: Anonymous I thought I'd add my story.

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